The cutting-edge advancements in digital marketing are changing the way real estate marketing works. It’s one of the major industries in today’s economy and can hugely benefit from these technologies.  

These advancements have a much higher attraction and conversion rate and hence fellow industry players are more open to their adoption than before. 

The pandemic also had a great role to play in bringing about this change. With everything happening from home, people shifted to smarter solutions and so did the businesses. This changed the way clients are finding properties these days as it is happening on the Internet first rather than meeting with real estate agents.

So, there are some interesting trends to look at which could benefit your Real Estate business. However, the efficacy of the same depends on how well you would be able to use these tools. 

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3D Virtual House and Home Tours

The Internet is the first place potential clients go out looking for a property. So, you could be present there offering them a virtual tour of the properties to take the deal one step further in the process. It’s convenient and eliminates the time and expense of visiting multiple properties. 

Conversational AI

An automated service desk with the conversation AI must be 24/7 and the response time should be as prompt as possible with zero error rate. If your business could manage to achieve that, then your chances of nurturing and converting the lead go much higher. 

Big data Sciences

Real estate is all about generating, nurturing, and converting potential leads, and all that happens based on the customer information you gather. Now, here we are talking about tonnes of such information, and it is not an easy task to manage it. Databases could be very handy in managing, predicting, and analyzing the concerning consumer preferences. This information will help them offer the best to their potential leads and help them make the right choice. 

Fractional Property Investment

The term refers to owning a part or percentage of the entire asset. It started with expensive items such as yachts, vacation homes, and private jets where people would put in some money and own a percentage of that asset. This concept allows everyone to invest in hefty projects too in the form of Fractional property investment. It allows them to build a deposit on a future full purchase and the returns also they can share in terms of rental income. It works in assistance with BlockChain technology and is definitely something worth considering. 

Mobile Apps

Another important area that you could focus on as a business is Mobile apps. The world is going mobile and so should your business. So, first, you should have an active presence on any buying, renting, leasing, purchasing, or selling related real estate mobile app. Secondly, if your business is big and expanding you could come up with a mobile app of your own to offer customers all the solutions under one roof. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The world is going smart and so should your home and business. With the aid of the Internet of Things (IoT), you could definitely achieve that. Smart Homes are one of the best Property trends. So, incorporate these features into your property and see the attraction rate sky-rocket:

  • Smart amenities like smart lights, locks, devices, appliances, and integrated services like home cleaning and package delivery.
  • Smart Connectivity such as Wi-Fi, smart sensors, intelligent access controls, resident assistance, and on-demand services will help build a more vibrant community that is obviously more attractive to a potential buyer. 

So, these are some important Digital Marketing Trends(Part-1) that you should try to incorporate into your strategy and offer consumers more than what they are expecting.